Hosting & Hosting Monitoring

Hosting on Our Servers

Most of our customers prefer to host their sites within the WP-Ensure network. We work with the best hosting companies to host and manage your website and we have two different packages; normal and LiteSpeed for heavier sites that need more juice.

We take care of all the technical aspects of your hosting including moving your site from your current host onto our platform.

Our customers like that there is only one point of contact (us) so no matter what problem you are having with your site, we are on hand to help.

Monitoring Your Current Hosting

WP-Ensure is also available to customers who still want to keep their current setup, however, in that case, we can’t take responsibility for any hosting or server issues that come up.

While we have very few customers who want to manage their own hosting, we still include monitoring services which show us uptime/downtime and how the site is performing.

Each month when we send out reports, we will let you know if we have noticed any issues with your current host so you can get problems resolved quickly.

Companies Going Bust

The unfortunate reality of web hosting is that there are always limited resources. A hosting company may start with good intentions, great customer service and reasonably priced packages.

Over time, however, their servers may become overloaded causing outages and downtime for customers. This usually happens once word spreads about their great service and prices and they grow too fast without being able to maintain their servers. This happened recently to a company we worked with for years. They tried their best to keep on top of maintenance, but it’s a hard job without the proper resources and time.

Sometimes web hosting companies are bought out by a bigger company that downsizes support and resources which also causes problems for end-customers. This happened to one of the first hosting companies that we worked with.

WP-Ensure keeps an eye on your hosting, alerts are sent automatically to us through Slack whenever your site goes down, meaning we can react quickly to any issues that come up. If we notice a deterioration in hosting quality, we move your site to a more reliable host and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

In 9 years, we have only had to move our sites twice as we are picky about who we host with, but rest assured, any deterioration in quality will be picked up quickly and addressed so your website is always in the best hands.

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